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"Cha-cha”, “fanny”, “Kitty”, “down there”, “vajayjay” - there’s about a hundred different names for your vulva (outside) and vagina (inside), but there’s only ONE way to look after your “lady bits” - GENTLY. Here are 5 tips for caring for your “private parts”:

1. Use warm water and your hands to clean - Vulval skin is very sensitive and delicate. Soaps, especially if they have fragrances, can be irritating, and washcloths or sponges can also be too rough for the area and cause trauma. It’s best to gently wash the area with your hand and then gently pat dry after.

2. Do not clean inside the vagina, especially with vaginal douches - Your vagina gently and constantly cleans itself by having good bacteria inside and maintaining a healthy pH. Upsetting this balance can lead to infections such as bacterial vaginosis, and thrush.

3. Wear cotton briefs as underwear - It is important to wear clothes and undies made of soft, breathable materials so that they minimise wetness to the area. If your vulvovaginal area stays too damp, infections are more likely to occur.

4. Avoid shaving/waxing/removing pubic hair - While some people say that pubic hair makes their genital area more sweaty, public hair actually serves as protection from friction and sweat during sex or from wearing pads/underwear. If you do wish to remove hair, just be mindful that all methods have their pros and cons - there’s no “best” way. Use the method you find to be the most gentle to your vulval skin.

5. Be kind to your itchy vulva - Sometimes the vulva can get itchy, but it doesn’t always mean you have an infection. Avoid scratching and instead try simple, gentle methods to relieve the itch. This includes applying unscented sorbolene lotion or barrier creams (aka nappy rash creams), sleeping without underwear, and avoiding washing the area more than once a day.

If you are worried about your vulvovaginal health, develop persistent and/or recurrent itching, or have bothersome discharge, see your GP/Gynaecologist about your concerns. You and "your girl” deserve the best care possible.



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