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Travelling Safely in Pregnancy

(Not pregnant, just a throwback photo!)

Pregnant women are at increased of blood clots in their legs (or, deep vein thromboses, DVTs). Here are some tips on preventing DVTs while travelling during pregnancy:

A) Stay well-hydrated and avoid caffeinated drinks (they actually make you pass urine more, which dehydrates you),

B) Periodically stretch and extend your knees and ankles while seated. If travelling by road, take regular pit stops to stretch your legs and go for a walk. Similarly if travelling by air, regularly walk around the cabin when possible,

C) Wear knee-high fitted compression - they help increase circulation in your legs,

D) Some women are at even higher risk of DVTs due to other medical issues and may be advised to take medication to prevent DVTs, so check with your doctor before you leave.

Find out about other Do's and Don'ts for travelling while pregnant at

Have Fun and Safe Travels!



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