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Ovarian Cysts

Dr Amy Goh recently performed surgery for a young woman with an enlarged ovary that had a 7cm cyst AND a 3cm cyst. (Just how big is that? - Dr Goh is holding balloons showing the size of the normal ovary vs the one with the cysts). The enlarged ovary had previously torted (twisted on itself) requiring emergency surgery. For this case, Dr Goh was able to remove both cysts via laparoscopy (keyhole surgery) with Dr Monica Zen assisting.

Not all ovarian cysts need surgery. Some cysts are normal and occur each month because of ovulation, while some will stay the same size and not be problematic. However if the cyst is growing, appears abnormal on ultrasound, and/or is causing symptoms, then surgical management will likely be required. Surgery can be performed laparoscopically or via laparotomy (open surgery) - it depends on the cyst size, the presence of worrying features, and yours and your surgeon's preferences.



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