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Pregnancy and Fitness

(As both an Obstetrician and qualified group fitness trainer, this topic is near and dear to Dr Monica Zen's heart.)

If you were already doing regular and/or intense exercise prior to getting pregnant, then it is safe to continue those same activities as long as adjustments are made to accomodate your growing pregnancy and its demands on your body. Speak to your trainer or instructor about the safest way to continue your sport.

If you did not do regular exercise prior to getting pregnant, it is advised that you start slow and build up to the recommended amount:

A) 150min (2.5h) of moderate exercise per week (better if divided over most days of the week), and

B) Muscle strengthening activities at least 2 times per week.

Every woman and every pregnancy is different so it is important to listen to your body's cues about when to stop.

Exercise in pregnancy can improve fatigue, help manage pain, and reduce/prevent gestational diabetes and hypertension in pregnancy. It also has huge positive impacts on your social, mental and emotional well-being. Where possible, try to continue this routine even after your baby is born - the benefits will continue with the added bonus of teaching your child about the importance of staying fit and healthy.

Remember to speak to your Obstetrician, Physiotherapist or Trainer about the safest way to start/continue exercising in pregnancy.

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